Welcome to B.B.S. School & College

The School was founded in the year 2000 under the ageis of Brij Behari Sahai Education Society having eminent members from various sections of administrative, technical, medical, entrepreneurial background with a view to provide a round training to the children in their early, formative years and to help in channeling their creative energy in the right direction. And since then it has been constantly improving on all fronts.

... Chairman' Message

The Most vital indicator of development of the society is the level of education.

Dr. V. B. Sahai
(Chairman, B.B.S. School & College, Allahabad)

... Principal's Message

We are living in a “Fast Forward” age. Everything is changing at a speed which could not have been imagined in the past few years. Our homes, our work places and society at large is constantly changing. Read More.

Rajni Sharma
(Principal, B.B.S. School & College, Allahabad)

... Manager's Message

Education is the pursuit of truth, transforming of knowledge into wisdom. It is a process of caring, nurturing and developing minds and talents. A good educational system must be able to promote activity, co-operation, interaction, diversity and responsibility Read More.

Ranjit Singh
(Manager, B.B.S. School & College, Allahabad)